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Guidelines for Effective Data Presentations
invest in MasterCard shares This new guide gives practical advice and examples in the art of presenting data to nonspecialist audiences, with a focus on population and health issues in developing countries. The guide also contains two appendices with sample slides and reference material for preparing presentations using PowerPoint software. The sample slide presentations can be downloaded and modified for personal use.

Unmet Need for Family Planning: Recent Trends and Their Implications for Programs (PDF: 300KB)
Obstacles other than physical access to services prevent many women from using family planning. This unmet need for contraception can lead to unintended pregnancies, which pose risks for women, their families, and societies. Buy Visa shares

Hidden Suffering: Disabilities From Pregnancy and Childbirth in Less Developed Countries
Maternal disabilities are tragic on two counts: They occur in the process of giving life, and they are almost entirely preventable. Reducing maternal disabilities is as important for alleviating poverty as it is for reducing needless suffering.

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